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March 25, 2008



With huge differences in the prices of these filters, I'd love to know which type people think is best and why.

I have toyed with the idea of getting a system plumbed into the mains, but my Mother had one put in and I can't bear the taste of it. I would be devastated to spend that much money and find I can't drink it.

At the moment I have a bog standard Brita-type filter and I recycle the cartridges (the address can be found on this page if anyone is interested:

As water is the only thing I drink, I'm afraid I am driven by taste as well as health. Up until recently I was drinking bottled Highland Spring, but then couldn't live with my conscience, so switched to the filters. I feel better about the environmental impact, but I'm not that happy with the water I'm now drinking.

I recently did some research on Fluoride and then read about the fact there are over 200 chemicals and drugs in our water supplies from everyone taking medication that I'm at a loss as to the best thing to do!

What does everyone else use?

Al Tepper

I hear ya. My mum once had a filter fitting to the water system but it did taste odd to me then. Personally I have a filter jug and a sigg water bottle (we have two actually) and find that suffices.



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