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March 28, 2008



It's great to see things like this becoming the 'norm' on mainstream TV.

We have chosen not to have a TV, but this is definitely something Little Miss Green would be allowed to watch.

It's amazing to watch the little one's awareness. My daughter came up to me yesterday and asked what some packaging was made from so that she could figure out whether or not it could be recycled.
It wouldn't have crossed my own mind until a few years ago.........

it was also her decision, at the tender age of 6 for us not to have a Christmas tree. We were following a lorry full of cut down trees and she couldn't bear the thought of us being responsible for that.

What a girl :)

Enjoy your programme Coby ;)

Mrs G x

Al Tepper

Very cool wee treehugger you got growing there :)



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