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April 09, 2008


Mrs Green

Wow, that looks really exciting. I don't know much about the technicalities of it all, but my husband is in the middle of a project where he is building LED bulbs for our downstairs lighting. So far he has done the kitchen and they are running off an old car battery.

The challenge with them is that they are so directional. I'd love to hear how the spread of light in this new lighting compares to an incandescent......

It takes quite a lot of getting used to to adjust to the minute spread of light that you get from an LED. It's ok, but I'd imagine some people might find it hard to deal with - we've all come so accustomed to a room full of light.

Thanks for this; I don't know how you keep finding all this stuff!

Al Tepper

Lighting is such a part of our culture now that any changes will be difficult for many I suspect in ways you indicate...interestingly, a personal friend who is also a personal trainer told me to try and live by candlelight in the evenings as it is good for the body clock and helps one start to relax and wind-down...

As for finding this stuff, he he he, well one casts a wide net ;)

Mrs Green

Ah yes, candlelight; I agree with that. I feel that alot of our health problems in our modern lives are to do with electrical lighting. not so much the lighting per se, but the effects on our circadian rhythms of artificial lights all the time.

I frequently sit in the evenings by firelight, reading or writing, but dh finds it hard because his night vision isn't that hot :D

Al Tepper

I hear that...I do love candlelight though...sigh...

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