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May 19, 2008


Mrs Green

Good morning; good to see you posting again. I'm really into encouraging people to just 'have a go' at growing something at the moment. People that have get so enthused when they see the beginnings of their plants coming up and then, when harvest time comes; you just can't beat it! There's nothing quite like eating something you have tended yourself.

So I hope this post encourages your readers to try something simple - a pot with some herbs in it, a few strawberries in a planter, some tumbling tomatoes in a hanging basket - you don't need a massive garden to begin your self sufficient journey - just a sunny windowsill or a few pots outside the back door will do :)

Mrs G x


Hi Mrs G, thanks for missing me ;) Planters make it all so easy...and kids just love the idea!



Green Lifestyle

It’s my first time on your blog and I will be returning and subscribing!

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